Stabilization by splinting of an endodontically treated premolar and a minimally reduced vital canine with a resin-bonded cast retainer: A clinical report

Hiroshi Shimizu, DDS, PhD,(a) Tetsuya Habu, DDS, PhD,(a) and Hiroaki Yanagida, DDS, PhD(b)

(a)Division of Removable Prosthodontics, Department of Oral Rehabilitation, Fukuoka Dental College, Fukuoka, Japan, and (b)General Dentistry Department, Nagasaki University Hospital of Dentistry, Nagasaki, Japan

This clinical report describes a technique to stabilize a loosened tooth by splinting with a minimally reduced vital adjacent tooth using a cast retainer and a metal adhesive system. The retainer made from a silver-palladium-copper-gold alloy was air-abraded with alumina, primed with a metal conditioner (V-Primer), and bonded to the etched abutments with an adhesive resin (Super-Bond C&B). The retainer is functioning for more than five years, and the result indicates the effectiveness of the current technique.
(Int Chin J Dent 2002; 2: 121-125.)

Key Words: adhesive resin, intact tooth, minimal reduction, primer, splint.