Resin-bonded casting used as an anterior fixed partial denture retainer: A clinical report

Hideo Matsumura, DDS, PhD(a) Hiroyasu Koizumi, DDS, PhD(a) and Naomi Tanoue, DDS, PhD(b)

(a)Department of Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics, Nihon University School of Dentistry, Tokyo, and (b)Department of Specialized Dentistry, Nagasaki University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry, Nagasaki, Japan

This report describes the technique and clinical outcome of an anterior fixed partial denture (FPD) bonded with two different luting agents. The FPD was fabricated to replace a missing maxillary lateral incisor. The FPD was cast from silver-palladium-copper-gold alloy (Castwell), and the canine retainer and pontic were veneered with indirect composites (Cesead opaque and Dentaclor). The incisor retainer was primed with a metal conditioner (V-Primer), and seated with tri-n-butylborane initiated adhesive resin (Super-Bond), whereas the canine retainer was cemented with a glass-ionomer luting agent (Fuji Ionomer). After an observation period of 10 years, the FPD was functioning satisfactorily. The adhesive materials and technique reported here are applicable to vital abutment teeth with sufficient enamel bonding area.
(Int Chin J Dent 2004; 4: 80-84.)

Key Words: adhesive, fixed partial denture, noble metal, primer, retainer.