Cystic change of embedded supernumerary teeth

Wenjie Sheng, DDS, Peicheng Xu, DDS, MSD, Yimin Sheng, DDS, and Zheng Cha, DDS

Shanghai Xuhui Dental Hospital, Shanghai, P. R. China

Clinical records and radiographs of 166 embedded supernumerary teeth were investigated to find out the rule of cystic change of supernumerary teeth and its relationship to malocclusion, and to present the methods of therapy. This study showed that 66% of the crowns of the supernumerary teeth were showed different sizes of circular photic shades, but only 35% were proved to be cystic change by biopsies. Therefore, if the diagnosis can be made in these cases with indication of operation, the extraction of the supernumerary teeth must be done as soon as possible. (Int Chin J Dent 2004; 4: 78-79.)

Key Words: cystic change, embedded supernumerary teeth, pathology, X-ray.