The influence of silicone remover on the tensile bond strength of resilient denture liner to an acrylic denture base resin

Guang Hong, DDS, PhD, Hiroshi Murata, DDS, PhD, Ying-Ai Li, DDS, Shinsuke Sadamori, DDS, PhD, Takeshi Maeda, DDS, and Taizo Hamada, DDS, PhD

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of silicone remover on tensile bond strength of eight silicone-resilient denture liners to a denture base resin. Durability of bond strength of resilient denture liner to denture base resin was also examined by thermal cycling test.
Materials and Methods: Eight commercial silicone resilient denture liners were used. The specimens were exposed to thermal cycles. Approximately 2 mL of silicone remover was applied with the brush between the resilient denture liner and the denture base resin at 0 cycle. The test specimens were placed under tension, until failure, in a materials testing machine.
Results: A significant difference was found between different silicone resilient denture liners for tensile bond strength in the application, and no application of silicone remover, at 0 cycle (p<0.05). When silicone remover was applied, the tensile bond strength of all silicone resilient denture liners to the denture base resin decreased significantly (p<0.05). The bond strength of all resilient denture liners tested exhibited at higher than 0.46 MPa.
Conclusion: The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Significant differences were found among the tensile bond strengths between various resilient denture liners and denture base resin. 2) The influence of thermal cycles exerted on bond strength between resilient denture liners and denture base resin varied according to the resilient denture liner used. 3) Silicone removal material was found to be effective in the removal of silicone resilient denture liners from the denture base resin. (Int Chin J Dent 2006; 6: 39-44.)

Key Words: resilient denture liner, silicone remover, tensile bond strength, thermal cycling.