Use of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures as permanent retainers: A clinical report

Naomi Tanoue, DDS, PhD,(a) Hiroaki Yanagida, DDS, PhD,(b) and Hideo Matsumura, DDS, PhD(c)

Departments of (a)Specialized Dentistry and (b)General Dentistry, Nagasaki University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry, Nagasaki, and (c)Department of Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics, Nihon University School of Dentistry, Tokyo, Japan

This report describes the clinical performance of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures (FPDs) bonded symmetrically to the maxillary anterior dentition. The FPDs were fabricated with the aim of replacing missing incisors as well as permanent retention after orthodontic treatment. Two FPDs were cast from a silver-palladium alloy (Castwell), and the pontics were veneered with an indirect composite material (Axis). The retainers were primed with a metal conditioner (V-Primer), and seated with a tri-n-butylborane initiated adhesive resin (Super-Bond). After an observation period of four years, the FPDs were functioning satisfactorily without periodontal rebound. The materials and techniques reported here are applicable to retention after the orthodontic treatment of adolescent patients. (Int Chin J Dent 2004; 4: 40-43.)

Key Words: adhesive, fixed partial denture, noble metal, retainer, thiol.