Introduction of duty Editor-in-Chiefs

Jianping GengEditor-in-Chief 
Hom-Lay WangAssociate Editor USA, Scientific
Wendy C-J. HuangAssociate EditorUSA, Clinic
Hideo MatsumuraAssociate EditorSEAsia, Scientific
Poey Ling LohAssociate EditorSEAsia, Clinic
M. Oliver AhlersAssociate EditorEurope

 Dr. Jianping Geng received his BDS and DrPH from Fourth Military Medical University,
P.R.China and MScD from National University of Singapore. He is the editor-in-chief
of 6 books in Prosthodontics and Epidemiology, and has more than 25 qualified
scientific journal articles and international patents. He is also a member of
Editorial Council for the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry and the Reviewer for
some scientific journals in the world. His main academic interests include medical
and dental implant biomechanics, functional articulators and complete denture,
oral CAD/CAM prostheses, infinite element analysis in dentistry, hepatitis A epidemic
control in Asia, HFRS epidemic control in China. He is also the manufacturer or
designer of a series of “Geng” articulators and implants. He was awarded two National
Scientific and Technical Progress Awards in 2000, first winner for China Army
and second winner for Shaanxi Province.

 Dr. Hom-Lay Wang received his BDS from Taipei Medical College, Taipei, Taiwan,
and his DDS, MSD from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He is
the author or co-author of 10 book chapters/invited reviews and more than 90 scientific
articles and abstracts. He is currently a Director of Graduate Periodontics and
an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry. Dr.
Wang is an active member of numerous dental societies, including the American
Academy of Periodotology, the American Dental Association, and the American Association
for Dental Research (AADR). He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology
and a fellow of the International Congress of Implantologists. In addition, he
is also an Associate Editor for the AAP Periodontal Literature Reviews (1996-present),
Editorial Board member for the Clinical Oral Implants Research (2002-2005), and
a member of the Scientific Information Committee for the AADR (2000-2003). Dr.
Wang’s research focuses on the utilization of absorbable collagen membranes or
bone morphogenetic proteins in guided tissue/bone regeneration in attempts to
repair and/or regenerate various periodontal (e.g. intrabony, recession, and furcation)
and implant-related defects.

 Dr. Wendy Chin-Jung Huang received her DDS from Brook University at Stony Brook,
School of Dental Medicine. She took her general practice residency in St. Charles
Hospital and Rehabilitation center. Dr. Huang had ever attended Hunter College,
New York, studied Psychology. Dr. Huang is a member of the American Dental Association,
a member of the NY State Dental Association, a member of Suffolk county Dental
Association and a member of American Association of Hospital Dentists. She is
interested in Pediatric Dentistry.

 Dr. Hideo Matsumura received his DDS from Nihon University, and PhD from Tokyo
Medical and Dental University. He has been in practice as an associate chair at
the University Hospital. He is currently a councilor and a certified prosthodontist
of the Japan Prosthodontic Society, and has served in the past on its editorial
board. He is also a councilor and an editorial board member of the Japan Society
of Adhesive Dentistry. His fields of research are fixed prosthodontics, dental
materials science, and dental technology. He was awarded the Judson C. Hickey
Scientific Writing Award by the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry as the first winner
from Asia.

 Dr. Poey Ling Loh received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from the
National University of Singapore, Master in Science of Dentistry (MSD) and certificate
in Prosthodonitcs from Indiana University School of Dentistry, USA. She is the
program director for fixed prosthodontics and assistant professor in the Department
of restorative Dentistry, National University of Singapore. She received the excellence
in teaching award in 1992 and the National University of Singapore outstanding
researcher award in 1999. She is currently the president of the Prosthodontic
Society (Singapore). Her research interests are in the area of fiber-reinforced-composite
material application in Dentistry, evaluation of dental posts and impact of IT
on dental education.

 Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers received his DDS and Dr. Med. Dent from the University of
Hamburg, Germany. Currently, he is an assistant professor (Oberarzt) of the Department
of Preventive and Restorative Dentistry, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University-Clinic
Hamburg-Eppendorf, and Co-Head of the Clinic´s Orofacial Pain Section. He is also
a member of the Editorial Board of the German Dental Journal (ZWR-Das Deutsche
Zahnarzteblatt) and of German and American norming comitees on material sciences
issues. Dr. Ahlers authored or co-authored 5 books, several software programmes
and dental patent applications in many countries. He received a Best Presentation
Award from the German Dental Society, Academy of Functional Dentistry in 1996.
His academic interest is oral diagnosis in dysfunctional patients, simulation
and restoration of occlusion and esthetics, composites in dentistry, rubberdam
technique, and diagnostic systems including digital X-ray techniques.