Predication of the prognosis after initial periodontal treatment by salivary biomarkers

Ayako Okada, DDS, PhD,a Yoshiaki Nomura, DDS, PhD,a Kentaro Matsumoto, DDS,b Kazuaki Yamane, DDS, PhD,b Tatsuhiko Yoshida, DDS,b Megumi Hatano, DDS,b Shinya Miyamatsu, DDS,b Naomi Fukaishi, DDS,b Tomoya Amagasaki, DDS,b Kumiko Nagamatsu, DDS, PhD,b Hiroo Yoshikawa, DDS, PhD,b Takahide Gunji, DDS, PhD,b Seiji Kajiura, DDS,c and Nobuhiro Hanada, DDS, PhDa

aDepartment of Translational Research, Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine, Yokohama, bShimane Dental Association, Matsue, and cDepartment of Health and Welfare, Shimane Prefectural Government, Matsue, Japan

Purpose: The aim of this study was to predict the necessity of periodontal pocket curettage by the salivary levels of hemoglobin and lactose dehydrogenase at baseline.Materials and Methods: The study population was selected from the subjects with chronic periodontitis who attended eight private dental offices. The study population consisted of 14 men and 32 women, and their mean age was 53.9+/-15.4. Patients with periodontal pockets deeper than 4 mm after initial treatment were diagnosed as necessity pocket curettage (Group II: n=31). Other patients were once finished periodontal therapy and recommended to visit for the supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) (Group I: n=15). Salivary levels of lactose dehydrogenase and hemoglobin were measured using commercially available kits, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Results: For predict the prognosis of the initial treatment, statistically significant differences were not observed in clinical markers. In contrast both hemoglobin and lactose dehydrogenase, mean values were significantly higher in Group II patients. In addition, 94.4% patients were necessary of the periodontal curettage if the lactose dehydrogenase value was more than 333.3 IU/L at baseline.Conclusion: Salivary levels of lactose dehydrogenase at baseline may be useful markers for the prediction of the necessity of pocket curettage after initial periodontal therapy.
(Asian Pac J Dent 2015; 15: 25-31.)
Key Words: initial periodontal therapy, lactose dehydrogenase, prognosis, saliva