Pilot study of the effect of a new dental drug delivery system for removal of mutans streptococci infection in adults

Seiko Katsumura, DDS, PhD,a Yoshiaki Nomura, DDS, PhD,b Fusao Nishikawara, DDS, PhD,b Tomoko Nishikawa, DDS, PhD,c Takashi Kumagai, DDS, PhD,d Keita Sato, DDS, PhD,a Yoh Tamaki, DDS, PhD,e and Nobuhiro Hanada, DDS, PhDb

aDepartment of Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, bDepartment of Translational Research, cFirst Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine, Yokohama, dHiyoshi-Dental Office, Sakata, and eCenter for Public Health Informatics, National Institute of Pubic Health, Saitama, Japan

Purpose: The aim of this study is to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of a new dental drug delivery system (3DS) for the selective reduction of mutans streptococci, a potent risk factor for dental caries.
Materials and Methods: Twelve patients were assigned to two groups, professional mechanical tooth cleaning (PMTC) with or without 3DS. The efficiency of 3DS with 0.2% chlorhexidine (CHX) in reducing the salivary levels of total Streptococci, mutans streptococci, and Lactobacilli, was investigated. The subjects in the 3DS combination group were treated with PMTC and subsequently individual trays with CHX for five minutes. Salivary bacterial samples were taken at baseline and in weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8.
Results: Non-significant changes in the total Streptococci, mutans streptococci, and Lactobacilli counts were found during the effects of two groups in the study period (p>0.05). However, the proportion of mutans streptococci in total Streptococci at 3DS group was still low after 8 weeks compared with baseline, but not significant.
Conclusion: The results indicate that 3DS in combination with PMTC is an effective intraoral drug delivery system that specifically reduces mutans streptococci, especially in proportion of the total streptococci without any adverse effects.
(Asian Pac J Dent 2013; 13: 11-18.)
Key Words: chlorhexidine, dental drug delivery system, drug retainer, mutans streptococci, PMTC, saliva