Clinical application of a tri-n-butylborane initiated adhesive resin filled with pre-polymerized composite particles

Mitsuo Nakamura, DDS, PhD,a,b Hiroyasu Koizumi, DDS, PhD,b,c Mariko Nishimaki, DDS,b and Hideo Matsumura, DDS, PhDb,c

aPrivate Practice, Ichikawa, bDepartment of Fixed Prosthodontics, and cDivision of Advanced Dental Treatment, Dental Research Center, Nihon University School of Dentistry, Tokyo, Japan

A tri-n-butylborane (TBB) initiated adhesive resin with pre-polymerized filler particles (Bondfill SB) has been released. This article describes bonding technique and short-time clinical performance of the adhesive. The materials and procedure reported here are applicable as an option of the restorative treatments for the patients incompatible to currently available materials. (Asian Pac J Dent 2011; 11: 61-65.)

Key Words: adhesive, attrition, tri-n-butylborane, wear, wedge-shaped defect